St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels

Holy Masses

Monday 7:45 FR
12:30 NL
Tuesday 7:45 NL
12:30 FR
Wednesday 7:45 FR
12:30 NL
Thursday 7:45 NL
12:30 FR
Friday 7:45 FR
12:30 FR
Saturday 17:30 FR
Sundays and Holidays 09:30 FR
11:00 FR/NL
with organ and gregorian chants

Opening hours

Monday -> Friday 7:00-18:00
Saturday 8:00-17:00
Sunday 13:00-18:00

Summer Concerts 2020

Second concert on 11th august at 20h:

Full Bach: Bach en duo sur l’orgue Collon


Follow it in LIVESTREAM !


Welcome on the website of the Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral in Brussels.

On this website you will find all information about religious celebrations organised at the cathedral, events taking place at the cathedral and about the life of the Christian community who worships here. Mass times and a list of services available are also included in the site. The cathedral also has a vibrant cultural life. Festive masses, exhibitions and concerts take place regularly and are organised by ‘Culture & Tourisme’.

The Cathedral also is a remarkable archeological site. Its origins can be traced back to the 10th century. The website gives you plenty of information about the rich history of the building, with its architectural history covering 10 centuries. Volunteers are there to welcome you and will help you to organise guided tours. Within its walls, the cathedral has seen important historical events, which are listed in the historical survey.

We hope the visit of this website will prompt you to come and participate to one of our services or cultural events!

If you need some additional information, you may send a mail at:

Address of the Cathedral : Parvis sainte-Gudule – 1000 Bruxelles – Belgium

  • Dean Claude Castiau
rue du Bois Sauvage 15, B-1000 Bruxelles – Tél. 02/217.83.45   Fax:02/219.96.55 –
  • Marie-Hélène Brion
Rue du Bois Sauvage 15, B -1000 Bruxelles – Tel. 02/217.83.45 – Fax:02/219.96.55 –
OFFICE IN THE CATHEDRAL :  Tél. 02/219.11.70 (Lost Property, etc)
  • President : Mr Frédéric Veldekens
  • Secretary : Mr Philippe  Marchandise
  • Finances : Countess Claude d’Aspremont Lynden
Infos: Secretariate, rue du Bois sauvage 15 -1000 Bruxelles – Tél. 02/217.83.45
In charge of cultural activities organised by the cathedral : rue du Bois sauvage 15 -1000 Bruxelles
  • Délégué Général/Algemeen afgevaardigde : Mr Yvan Cardon de Lichtbuer
Tél. 0477/36.10.57 –
Rue du Bois sauvage 15 – 1000 Bruxelles
Tél. 02/219 75 30 –

Our Lord’s Ascension

The Ascension of Christ into heaven is in accord with reason: firstly because heaven was due to Christ by his very nature. It is natural for someone to return to the place from whence they take their origin. The beginning of Christ is from God, who is above all...

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Organconcert by Bart Jacobs

Organconcert by Bart Jacobs

may 6  Listen to the splendid organconcert  by Bart Jacobs on the Grenzing organ in the Brussels Cathedral on may 6 Programme: Magnificat primi toni, BuxWV 203                             D. Buxtehude...

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Sixth Sunday of Easter reflection

In the pre-Covid 19 days it was rare in polite conversation that Christians be asked to account for their faith or to explain why it was they still went to church. Whether it be in the coffee shop or the pub, the dinner party or the casual encounter on the street,...

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Fifth Sunday of Easter reflection

The New Testament does not provide any physical description of Jesus. Was he tall, thin or did he have the physique of a young man accustomed to manual labour? Was he good looking and might that have explained why Mary of Magdala, the women at Jacob’s Well or those...

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Fourth Sunday of Easter reflection

On the first Easter Sunday Jesus was raised from the dead. He entered into a totally new life, he was not revived as the young daughter of Jairus had been, nor as the widow’s son had been at Nain, nor as had been his friend Lazarus who had spent up to four days in a...

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Prayer to Mary

Prayer to Mary

“We fly to your protection, O Holy Mother of God”. In the present tragic situation, when the whole world is prey to suffering and anxiety, we fly to you, Mother of God and our Mother, and seek refuge under your protection. Virgin Mary, turn your merciful eyes towards...

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Third Sunday of Easter reflection

Last week the reading from the Acts of the Apostles provided a vignette of the worship of the early Christians. They gathered in one another’s homes, they listened to the Scriptures, they sang the psalms with which they were so familiar from both synagogue and Temple,...

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Second Sunday of Easter/Sunday within the Octave of Easter

In the UK the lock-down is set to continue for a further three weeks while in certain EU countries, most of whom started their lock-downs earlier, governments are easing their populations step by gentle step back to “normality.” Most sensible people realize that the...

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Easter Sunday reflection

When the early Christians shared with fellow Jews and then with the people of the Greek-speaking Mediterranean world the Gospel/Good News, their priority was to convey the news that Jesus had risen from the dead. They insisted he was Lord. The proclamation of the...

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Palm Sunday reflection

One of the great and lasting contributions which Pope Pius XII made to the universal Church is his reform of the Easter liturgies. Up until 1956 the tail was wagging the dog liturgically: because of the Eucharistic fast, Mass and the Holy Week liturgies had to be...

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