A unique work, thousands of artists pay tribute to the victims of the Corona virus.

From the start of the pandemic, Charles KAISIN, a Belgian designer, wanted to allow the Erasme hospital to create two new COVID-19 units.

A united work, “Origami for Life” began:

  • The press published drawings explaining how to make origami and invited everyone to make and deposit them in shops and pharmacies across Belgium.
  • Generous donors including the Engie Foundation paid € 5 per origami.
  • Thanks to the tens of thousands of individual works collected, the artist produced an immense colorful, light, spiritual work that Kanal-Center Pompidou exhibited for a whole weekend in June.

The work is a tribute to all the victims of COVID-19. “Origami for Life”, symbol of o solidarity, can be visited every day until the end of August. From Monday to Friday from 7:00 hrs until 18:00 hrs, on Saturday from 8:00 hrs until 17:00 hrs, on Sunday from 13:00 hrs until 18:00 hrs.