Exhibitions in the Cathedral !

The Passion of Edith Cavell

From Thursday 29 August until Thursday 26 September 2019.

Exhibition. The way to the cross.

Polyptyque of Brian Whelan.

In 2015, the Cathedral of Brussels commemorated the centenary of Edith Cavell’s death by presenting the polyptych commissioned by Norwich Cathedral and which evokes the life of this remarkable woman.

This year 2019, to commemorate the centenary of the return to Norwich of Edith Cavell’s mortal remains, the Cathedral of Brussels is pleased to announce that it is again presenting this exhibition.

Opening on Thursday 29th August at 15:00 hrs. Free entrance. Everyone is welcome.


Michel van Coxie

Until September 30               

In the framework of the « Flemish masters in situ » action by Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen by the cathedral exhibits the Crucifixion altarpiece by Michiel Coxcie

Influential 16th-century artist from Mechelen Michiel Coxcie learned his trade in Italy, soon saw himself compared to the great Raphael and was duly appointed court painter to Philip II of Spain. Apart from an altarpiece and a triptych with representations of Christ carrying the cross and His descent from the cross, Coxcie painted this Crucifixion with a doubtlessly Italian feel to be hung in the cathedral, where he was also responsible for finishing the stained glass windows.

For more details see: https://vlaamsemeestersinsitu.be/en/site/cathedral-saint-michael-and-saint-gudula